Stäubli Exhibiting Various Innovations at ITME India

Stäubli Exhibiting Various Innovations at ITME India

Stäubli has been an important supplier to numerous local weaving mills for decades will be presenting numerous highlights from its extensive range of products for the weaving industry at the tenth ITME India to be held in Mumbai from December 3.

The company is exhibiting state-of-the-art electronic drives and control solutions for textile machinery and especially for circular knitting machines.

A selection of products being displayed are the high-speed Jacquard machine for flat fabrics, terry cloth, and technical applications.

A complete Jacquard installation featuring the SX electronic Jacquard machine and a perfectly fitted Stäubli harness demonstrate astounding weaving capabilities for producing fine upholstery fabrics. The SX Jacquard machine on exhibit is available in two formats: 1,408 and 2,688 hooks. The larger format will be demonstrated at the booth weaving with 16,176 harness cords over a reed width of 190 cm. SX electronic Jacquard machine, Jacquard machines for enhancing premium fabrics with name tags or logos.

Another product, the S3260 electronic rotary dobby features a unique locking system for selection of the movement of the heald frames, while a refined positive cam motion will also be demonstrated.

The Safir S40 mobile automatic drawing-in machine is being shown in a different kind of presentation, where weavers will be able learn how it can prolong the service life of any weaving machine.

Stäubli will also display carpet samples including those displaying the recently developed ‘Magic Shadow Effect’ and the ‘Traditional carpet Effect’, woven on Alpha carpet weaving machines.