Staqu Partners With Fashion E-Commerce Portal Yepme

Staqu Partners With Fashion E-Commerce Portal Yepme

The leading Indian fashion e-commerce portal Yepme has partnered with Staqu, a Gurgaon-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup to improve its backend technology using the latter’s advanced AI-based product suite. This collaboration will help customers discover the latest fashion trends and celebrity looks for accessories, clothing and shoes on the site.

Staqu’s AI suite is expected to facilitate visual search and provide relevant product recommendations to customers of this e-retail portal. It can automate multiple time-consuming tasks like meta-tag generation and offer an intuitive and user-friendly experience to visitors.

“Our intelligent product suite will make it extremely easy for the new and existing users of Yepme to easily discover the items of their choosing, along with discovering the latest fashion trends, availing the celebrity look in terms of shoes, clothing and accessories,” Atul Rai, CEO of Staqu said.

“It has been Yepme’s constant endeavour to deliver features and services to its users of utmost value. A large business such as ours needs a lot of customisation and segmentation for effective operational efficiency and Staqu is helping us achieve that through artificial intelligence led solutions,” Manish Shrivastava, Yepme’s chief revenue officer said.

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