Sneaker brand Ludic steps in to casualwear garments

Sneaker Brand Ludic Steps In To Casualwear Garments

Ahmedabad based and Sneaker brand Ludic has stepped into the apparels category and unveiled a new collection of menswear on its direct to customer e-commerce store. 

The brand’s collections include a brightly coloured t-shirt line and a range of sweatshirts featuring minimalist graphics.

Inspired by streetwear and modern art, the two collections DailyMove and WillMill mirror Ludic’s sneakers’ playful aesthetic

DailyMove t-shirts are inspired by the colours of nature and the 100 percent cotton t-shirts are available in Koyla Black, Turtledove Beige, Agave Green, Mauvewood Lavender, Della Robbia Blue, and Red Pear.

“The t-shirts are designed for comfort and a wrinkle-free look and feature a high-definition rubber print for longevity,” the brand said in a press release.

The WillMill sweatshirt line is also made from 100 percent cotton fabric and the garments come in hues of Slate Grey, R&B Blue, Telephone Red, Irani Turquoise, Sundae Crème, and Boomer Pink. 

Featuring pinwheel inspired full back prints, the sweatshirts are also fleece lined for warmth. 


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