Skill Council To Produce Skilled Workers For Textile Sector

Skill Council To Produce Skilled Workers The Textile Sector Skill Council supported by the centre has standardized the training syllabus for jobs in spinning, weaving, knitting and processing. The syllabus has been prepared with inputs from the industry and it will be reviewed every year.

Though there are several state and union government schemes that support skill development in the manufacturing sector and the units have in-house training programmes, the skill council ensures that the worker will be trained to get maximum efficiency in their job, according to CEO, Textile Sector Skill Council,  J. V. Rao.

Thus, several textile mills in Coimbatore region have agreed to train workers through the Textile Sector Skill Council with a view to standardizing training in the textile units.

Rao said that they are now requesting all the textile research associations to enhance the skill training capabilities. Most of the workers have undergone training on an ad-hoc basis. But, the initiative needs to be standardized. Workers also need training in soft skills, safety and health issues, he said.

There is a proposal to have approved agencies to train the trainers and they will in turn train the employees. The council’s immediate focus is on textile units in Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh as the number of spinning units there is high. The Centre provides Rs. 2 crore annually for the two years and Rs. 1 crore to the council for the third year.

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