Shoppers Stop in Contactless Payments

Shoppers Stop in Contactless Payments

Retail giant, Shoppers Stop has partnered with ‘ToneTag’, a proximity communications firm, to integrate and deploy ToneTag sound-based contactless payments at its stores. This technology will use sound-waves from mobile phones to enable customers to make ‘cardless’, ‘cashless’ and ‘contactless’ payments at all 84 Shoppers Stop stores spread across the country.

“Our collaboration with ToneTag is yet another step in the direction of digitising all Shoppers Stop stores. Our paramount focus is to offer customers a convenient, fast and enhanced shopping experience. With ToneTag’s sound-based technology, customers will now have multiple payment options for a smooth, fast and convenient shopping experience,” managing director, Shoppers Stop Ltd, Govind Shrikhande said.

“Shoppers Stop’s contribution towards digitisation has been exemplary. I am a strong believer that Shoppers Stop and ToneTag will continue to strive for best consumer experience by bringing great retail technology with simple user interface,” CEO, ToneTag, Kumar Abhishek said.

ToneTag’s technology uses audio signals or ‘tone tags’ for data exchange between devices. Payment instructions can be transmitted, using a sound signal, through a traditional phone line, without any additional hardware or software requirements or dependencies. This makes highly inter-operable and secure cashless payments possible from any mobile phone to another one or computing device.

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