Autumn/Winter's shirt Collection by Cool Colors

Autumn/Winter’s Shirt Collection by Cool Colors

Bangalore-based Bafna Clothing Company’s shirts brand Cool Colors has carved a niche for itself with its good quality and innovative designs. Cool Colors now out with its Autum/Winter 2016 collection and is looking at consolidating its position as the first choice for shirts.

For the new season, the main colours dark and mélange shades. There is a bit of brushing and the fabric is grindel. More horizontal stripes are used as they work. In solids there are some 20 core products, core products are something that is supplied 365 days. Cool Colors’ core product is purely solids. So, there are 20 designs and each design consists of 20 colors. Of the 1,25,000 shirt pieces sold a month, 30,000 pieces are solids.

“It is not confined to summer or winter only. Linen is getting accepted. Earlier linen was seen as a khadi product which needed a lot of maintenance, which is true. So, people avoided linen. But over the years linen has become popular, a lot of credit for it goes to Birla Linen. They made people understand what linen is all about. Those who wear linen once, don’t go back to cotton or polyester or poly viscose,” Praveen Mutha, CMD said.

“Over the years, the industry has shifted from formals to semi casuals. Everyone wants to look young. And basic casuals can go just about anywhere. That’s why this segment has grown. Bafna Clothing has three factories for shirts, housing 350 machines and employing 700 people,” he said.

Cool Colors has also come up with Coloration 2016 – A sense of emotion combines with the expressions of one’s identity as unique as every expression is, so too does every colour, tint and shade become the visual reflection of attributes that connect tous on a deeply personal level.


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