Shades of India Launches New Collection 'Nazraana'

Shades of India Launches New Collection ‘Nazraana’

Internationally acclaimed and India’s most innovative textile brand ‘Shades of India’ has launched its latest collection ‘Nazraana’ that draws inspiration from the British influence over Awadh in the late 18th and early 19th century. Reliving the days of glory that made Awadh, a city of poetry, dance and music, this collection celebrates the beauty, pride and wildness of today’s women who enjoy a powerful role in their social and personal lives. Capturing the essence of that era with fabrics such as silk and fine muslin, this new line of exquisite abounds of love and intrigue behind marble screens.

Talking about the inspiration and the reasons behind choosing this theme, Mandeep Nagi, design director, Shades of India explains while selecting a theme, the company always looks at sensibility of different times, era and countries where there is a fusion of varied cultures.


This collection is a tribute to Awadh, to its style, to its festive evenings and conceived as a Nazraana. It is by origin a Persian word that means a gift offered in appreciation to Awadh and the culture of Lucknow. Founded almost two decades ago, Shades of India is internationally known as one of India’s most creative textile companies. Led by Mandeep Nagi and former UK journalist David Housego, the brand combines contemporary design with the inspiring workmanship of traditional craft.

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