RVK Launches Cotton Wear for Kids This Winter

RVK Launches Cotton Wear for Kids This Winter

One of the prime manufacturers for providing high quality woolen garments in India, ‘RVK Clothing’ has added to its product basket cotton pullovers and sleeveless for kids. The idea behind introducing this category was to explore the increasing popularity of cotton because of mild winters in recent years.

The Cotton wear has been replacing polyester-based winter wear now. The popularity of cotton wear is due to the fact that it’s are more comfortable and less irritable for the user.

“As for knitted thermals, we do these across all age groups, right from a new-born child to a person in his sixties. We have a vast range of products today. We do skivvy and leggings under woolen knits. These are in 75 colours besides, we have sweatshirts and knitted thermals also,” Nitesh Jain, director of RVK said.

“We experiment a great deal in this category. This time, we have introduced skivvies in stripes and then there are unisex skivvies. We always aspire to give something different to the customer every year. We are making slacks too,” he added.

RVK has about 500-600 MBOs pan-India. The company’s focus is not on expansion but consolidation since it is correction time. “We haven’t planned anything yet. This year’s performance will decide the next course of action,” Jain said.

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