Rupa Revamps Brand Identity with Its New Logo

Rupa Revamps Brand Identity with Its New Logo

India’s largest selling inner wear brand, ‘Rupa Frontline’ has recently revamped its new brand identity with the launch of its new logo, which aims to capture the sensibilities of the Millennials. The new logo repositions brand ‘Frontline’ as a young and fashion-forward brand that aspires to make the lives of its consumers very comfortable.

The new Frontline logo depicts progress or ‘being ahead’. The slant in the logo illustrates progress and the way forward. The letter ‘E’ showcases an aerial view of a phalanx – the frontward stripes are significant of the fact that the brand is moving ahead.

The earlier logo basically had a ‘hand written’ look to it, which was more like a signature. The new Frontline logo is much more stylish and leverages the growth and expansion of the Brand in India and Abroad.

“I’m much excited to launch the new logo for Rupa Frontline. The company was introduced as men’s innerwear brand. However, gradually it evolved into a lifestyle brand catering to the various needs of the consumers with superlative products known for its quality and price. The revamped logo efficiently projects the brand’s forward movement, while still retaining its authenticity and heritage,” Mukesh Agarwal, brand president said.

Rupa Frontline also takes credit for being the first Indian innerwear brand to have used celebrity endorsement. The brand has, time and again, collaborated with top-notch Bollywood celebrities like Govinda, Sanjay Dutt, etc. to endorse its product range across verticals. At present, the brand associates with Bollywood Filmstar and Youth Icon Ranveer Singh of Ramleela and Bajirao Mastani fame as its Brand Ambassador.

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