Reputed Knitting Machinery makers to participate in YiwuTex

Reputed Knitting Machinery makers to participate in YiwuTex

Top-notch knitting and hosiery enterprises, including Zhejiang Yexiao (knitting machinery product development and manufacturing enterprise) and Hefei Opek (fully computerized jacquard hat and scarf knitting machine manufacturer) will present their technology and production equipment at the 18th edition of YiwuTex beginning in China from June 13.

Zhejiang Yexiao and Hefei Opek will be part of the “Functional Knitting Machinery Zone” of the three-day show. Yexiao will mainly display computerized hosiery machine and flat knitting machine, along with its star product “6F Computer Terry / Flat Machine”, which is capable of weaving one main color and five secondary colors for each line and in which each sock can be weaved in thirteen colors. It is also capable of weaving 3D pattern socks which is equipped with stepping motor to regulate tension of yarns and weaving density.

Hefei Opek, will showcase the “OPEK 365 H-Speed Hat and Scarf Knitting Machine”, which features advanced technology from Germany, fast weaving of various complex patterns and colors with high precision, and supports customized knitting based on product design features.

In addition to “Functional Knitting Machinery Zone”, YiwuTex 2017 also features “Smart Apparel Machinery Zone” and “Digital Printing Machinery Zone”.

Other noted exhibitors to participate in the show include Santoni (Italy), Lonati (Italy), L.G.L. (Italy), Yamagen (Hong Kong), Groz-Beckert (Germany), BTSR (Italy), FenghuaXingyu, Shanghai Ruifang, and Honst Textile Machinery.

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