Reliance In Branding Alliance For Recron Fibre

Reliance In Branding Alliance For Recron Fibre

Reliance Industries, the world’s second-largest synthetic fibre manufacturer, has entered into a brand alliance with Coimbatore-based sewing threads leader ‘Precot Meridian’.

Under the non-commercial deal, Reliance will allow the Coimbatore company to use its Recron SHT Brand on its sewing threads brand, RIL in a statement said.

According to an industry estimate, the grey rpt grey sewing thread market in the country is around Rs 1500 crore and polyester threads lead it with about 85 per cent share, the rest being cotton/nylon threads.

As per the agreement for co-branding for polyester sewing thread yarn range, Precot will manufacture grey and coloured polyester sewing thread yarns using Reliance’s Recron SHT, claimed to be one of the quality super high tenacity fibres.

Apart from branding, RIL will also provide marketing and branding support to Precot to establish Recron SHT as a leading brand.