Raymond Partners with KVIC to Introduce New Clothing Line

Raymond Partners with KVIC to Introduce New Clothing Line

Indian branded fabric and apparel major, Raymond has partnered Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) to introduce a new line of clothing under the brand Khadi by Raymond, which will directly compete with Fabindia.

KVIC will certify Raymond to use Khadi mark to sell ready-made garments and fabric which will be available at KVIC and Raymond outlets across the country.

“Khadi is looking for an economic revolution and Raymond has technical expertise as well as significant global presence. This is a perfect match. Our idea was really to own the complete value chain by getting directly into the source of Khadi in India and the most widest and proficient in Khadi is KVIC,” Sanjay Behl, CEO of Raymond said.

The initiative is taken under the KVIC Act that permits it to promote the sale and marketing of Khadi or products of village industries or handicrafts and forge links with established marketing agencies.

As per the signed MOU, Raymond has agreed for a guaranteed initial procurement of a substantial amount of Khadi fabrics from the 2300 clusters under KVIC in the initial year.

“This is historic for us because a typical government organisation is joining hands with a private company like Raymond. Despite having the best products in the world, we could not take Khadi to the globe because of very limited resources. But this partnership will allow us to do that,” VK Saxena, KVIC chairman said.