Programmes On Quality By Textiles Committee & QTEC

Programmes On Quality By Textiles Committee & QTEC

Textiles Committee, under the ministry of textiles, and the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Centre (QTEC) are organising Industry Capacity Building Programmes (CBP) across nine centres in India. The CBP involves presentation by the Japanese experts for improving quality of Indian textiles.

Nine centres include Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Varanasi, Mumbai and New Delhi. The programme which began on May 9 will culminate on May 18 with the aim of improving understanding of the Indian exporters/manufacturers about the requirements of quality and various compliances for the Japanese markets.

The CBP involves presentation by the Japanese experts on: differences of quality requirements between Japanese buyers and Western buyers, quality and compliance in Japan and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) overview, and the banned substances in Japanese market.

Subsequent to the CBP, the Textiles Committee will work with QTEC on upgrading some of its 19 laboratories in the country, which have equipment mainly to test standards for exports to the Western markets. The Committee will also consider setting up of QTEC laboratories at few of its facilities.

Currently, only two per cent of India’s textile and apparel exports are meant for Japan. This share can be increased if Indian manufacturers and exporters explore opportunities in Japan and improve their quality for conformity assessment for Japanese markets.

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