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Product & Pricing

Our publication Apparel Talk which entered 14th year this year has spread its wings to reach more small towns to meet the demand of our regular subscribers there. Apparel Talk is a quarterly magazine for garment and related sectors. The magazine provides updated information on the day-to-day development in garment, hosiery, fabrics, leather and jute sectors. The magazine also offers you a day-to-day calendar of forthcoming fairs being organized in textile, garment, machinery, jewellery, etc. in India and International frequently.

At the outset, we welcome the new government at the centre under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. We along with you hope that this government will extend its full support and offer more concessions and incentives for further betterment of the textile and apparel sectors. With such an expectation, "Freeman's Apparel Manufacturers Directory" entered the 19th year this year on its continuous service to these sectors. Since the directory is in great demand to its readers and subscribers, we are as usual constantly updating the list of names and addresses of the manufacturers city-wise and item-wise. One of the main features of the directory this year is inclusion of more new names of upcoming manufacturers, exporters, machineries, accessories, suppliers, agents and distributers for their exposure to the national and international markets. Besides big brands, details of more small and medium manufactures have also been included in the directory. For the new brands, the directory is like an effective hand-book to establish business contacts with their desired person country-wise.

Our website www.indian-apparel.com is now functioning full-swing with introduction of different categories of services for the users. For the first time this year, we have set up a well-equipped news desk to feed the viewers with news, weekly newsletter, editorial and daily news summary. We will also provide you analytical stories, trade information, face-to-face discussions with experts, market review, retail update and latest company profiles. The website will also have detail about major national brands with their products and position in both domestic and international arena. Through our website you can also put advertisement of your company and product to get better exposure. At the same time, users will get global news, political development, changing government policies and reactions and activities of different textiles and garment associations. By a click only, you will get an overview of the entire global scenario at a glance. To utilize such an opportunity you may contact our website desk at any time for further details.

About our quarterly magazine "Apparel Talk", we are still on the top in respect of current news coverage. Magazine which has been successfully providing day-today happenings in textiles and readymade garments and other related sectors is constantly diversifying its area of coverage to maintain the position. This year we have given special impetus on coverage of more news relating to government policies, particularly after taking over by the new government vis-a-vis textiles association's demands and requirements. Moreover, we have further strengthened the coverage of companies both from the country and abroad, which are entering India with massive investments as well as global retailers which have already stepped into Indian market. Several other plans and programmes are still in our pipeline to serve our readers and subscribers better.

Subscription Charges:

Apparel Talk 1 Year Subscription - Rs. 400/- only
Apparel Talk 1 Year Subscription with Freeman's Apparel Mfrs. Directory (latest yearly edition) - Rs. 500/- only
Freeman's Apparel Mfrs. Directory(latest yearly edition) - Rs. 300/- only

For advertising or any queries related to Product/Pricing, please email us at support@indian-apparel.com.