Prime Wardrobe Shopping Service By Amazon

Prime Wardrobe Shopping Service By Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon has introduced a new shopping service called Prime Wardrobe that brings the fitting room to consumers to try the latest styles and find the perfect fit before buying them. The pilot shopping service will initially be available only for Amazon Prime members and is applicable on clothing, shoes and accessories.

Customers can order 3 to 15 items of clothing, footwear and accessories at no upfront charge, take seven days to decide what they like and pay only for what they choose to keep.

Over a million items across women’s, men’s, girls’, boys’ and baby clothing lines are eligible for the service. Styles from brands like Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and more are also eligible for the programme, as per the Amazon website.

Customers who decide to keep three or four items from the order will get a 10 per cent discount, while those who buy five or more items will stand to get a discount of 20 per cent. They can simply pack the unwanted items in the resalable box in which they arrived to return them. The box can be either dropped off at the nearest UPS location or can be requested to be picked up from home. The Wardrobe will be included with Amazon Prime membership and will not have any additional fees. Users can register on Amazon to get notified as soon as the service is made available.

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