Prémya expands ethically sourced & zero waste women offering

Prémya Expands Ethically Sourced & Zero Waste Women’s Offering

Prémya, a women’s couture brand has expanded its ethically sourced and zero waste women’s offering with a collection that takes a more minimalist approach and is designed to offer premium designs.

“The brand emulates the founder, Manishii’s desire to look at reality and offer a wide range of fashions that are not too outlandish or unreal, whilst keeping sight of signature romanticism,” the fashion brand said in a press release. 

“Getting rid of the excesses of the past, minimalism with a quiet control, elegance, where sensuality is the byword. A more carnal and less fragile yet charming collection,” Premya added.

The brand further said that their timeless colour story ascends from black to white to pastel neutrals and the fabric ranges from weightless georgettes, tulle, Chanderi to organza.

Manishii launched Prémya as a couture brand to mix craftsmanship with sustainable design principles.

Manishii revives diminishing hand embroideries and weaving techniques from local villages incorporating those techniques in the contemporary fashion segment for the modern woman.

The brand follows zero waste techniques and works with fourth generation craftsmen across India to create its occasion wear. 


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