Premium Benaras Fabrics Fashion Brand Ekresha Unveils New Website

Premium Benaras Fabrics Fashion Brand Ekresha Unveils New Website

Ekresha, a leading premium fashion brand has launched its new website and has also launched its premium collection at the renowned Taj Khazana stores in Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

“Through the new website the brand will bring the timeless elegance of Benaras fabrics & contemporary fashion directly to the doorstep,” the brand said in a press release.

“With Ekresha, one should no longer need to travel to Benaras to indulge in the luxurious artistry of its textiles now, the beauty of Indian culture and tradition is just a click away,” the label added.

The brand also has plans to expand to stores in Mumbai and Bengaluru as well and will bring Ekresha’s exquisite Benaras fabrics closer to fashion connoisseurs.

Ekresha embodies the very essence of Indian culture—a fusion of traditions intertwined with emotions, celebrating the rich heritage of Benaras through exquisite fabrics.

The brand’s name itself is a tribute to the captivating city of Benaras, where centuries of craftsmanship have transformed silken threads into fabrics of unparalleled beauty.

‘Ekresha’ derives its meaning from Sanskrit, where ‘ek’ signifies one and ‘resha’ is derived from the word ‘Rasa’, symbolising a silk thread.

This blend of tradition and innovation is at the heart of Ekresha, weaving together the cultural heritage of Benaras with a contemporary flair.

Drawing inspiration from Benaras’s vibrant colours, Ekresha’s fabrics reflect the hues of the sacred River Ganga, the mesmerising sunsets, and the earthy landscapes.

The collection encompasses a diverse range of silk, cotton, georgette, linen, and more – each piece is a testament to the boundless creativity of Ekresha’s master weavers.

Supported by a dynamic young marketing team, the brand is led by visionary entrepreneur Viraj Shah, whose innovative spirit drives Ekresha toward new heights of success.

“We are thrilled to bring the magic of Benaras fabrics directly to our customers’ homes through our new online platform,” said Viraj Shah.

“We aim to preserve Benaras’s cultural legacy while embracing modernity, offering customers around the world access to premium fabrics that tell a story of craftsmanship and tradition,” he added.