Playful layering & chunky jewellery to trend in 2024

Playful Layering & Chunky Jewellery To Trend In 2024

From playful layering to chunky jewellery, experts predict fashion and accessories trends for the forthcoming year.

2024 is expected to see a continuation of 2023 trends of refined glamor, quiet luxury and a pared down take on sensuality, but with fresh updates next year. 

Of late, the minimal and mildly grunge 1990s and Y2K eras have made a comeback, in the shape of slip dresses, cashmere twin sets as well as leather micro shorts seen across luxury and high street labels. 

“Experts, including designers and stylists, observe that these two decades will dominate the coming year too,” Livemint reported. 

Sheercore, whose trend started since 2021, is expected to take centre stage as well in 2024, with designers continuing to style naked dresses appliquéd with 3D ornamentation.

Creative director Sabato De Sarno at Gucci brought back the old school luxe synonymous with the brand’s Tom Ford era for his spring-summer 2024 collection. 

From logo-ed leather pencil skirts to cocktail coats accented with delicate fringes, there was a nod to simplicity, detailing and refinement.

Shivan Bhatiya, founder and head designer at label Shivan & Narresh, says fashion has undergone a significant transformation, moving from extravagant and loud runways to a focus on functionality.