Plans To Support Garment Industry In Gujarat

Plans To Support Garment Industry In Gujarat

Gujarat minister for industries, mines and finance, Rohit Patel highlighted the requirement to strengthen and improve the value addition chain of the garment industry, during the inauguration of the Association of Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters of Gujarat (AAMEG).

“The formation of AAMEG is a step towards the development of the apparel industries in the state. We expect AAMEG to identify the specific needs of the industry and develop a plan of action. The government is also prepared to make special policies for the garment industry if required. This is a buyer’s market and the industries are required to be well-equipped to fight the cut-throat competition,” Patel said.

“The aim of AAMEG is to address issues of the apparel industry, and develop an ecosystem that helps for the growth and to strengthen this sector as a whole, availing maximum benefits from the government. Textile has a strong base in Gujarat. Now, we need to focus towards developing the apparel industry in the state. We should organise more trade shows to create awareness about fairs and incentives available from the government. As an organisation, we plan to attract international brands and buyers to develop functioning with the apparel industries in Gujarat,” Meena Kavya, director of AAMEG said.

Speakers from various segments of the garment industry shared their experiences and views on the development of garment industry in Gujarat. The event also recognised industries for their remarkable contribution to the garment industry.

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