Panel Discussion On India Towards Sustainable Fashion By IAM

Panel Discussion On India Towards Sustainable Fashion By IAMInstitute of Apparel Management (IAM) in Gurgaon organized a seminar on ‘India towards Sustainable Fashion 2020’ at Apparel House on Saturday last, with the aim of promoting sustainable fashion amongst young entrepreneurs in the country.

Fashion industry leaders around the globe gathered for panel discussions, with one goal in mind: sustainability. The one-day event aimed at building sustainability as a short-term & long-term vision of the Indian fashion industry towards raw material to be used in future, new skills & competencies.

Panel Discussion On India Towards Sustainable Fashion By IAM

The theme was an attempt where fashion experts from India and around the world, designers, innovation and sustainability experts came together to be a part of this “New Think-tank” and create awareness amongst industry and the end users to wake up to this serious challenges.

“The event was designed to help all of us safeguard our future, protect our environment and improve the lives of end-consumers, workers and suppliers around the world.c highlighted the fact that this industry is locked into a cycle of unsustainability – using more and more of the earth’s resources and in some cases exploiting cheap labour supplies in return for ever-decreasing profit margins.”

The event which was inaugurated by union women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi had 3 round table discussions on Sustainable Planet. Dr. Darlie Koshy, DG, CEO ATDC and IAM, Rina Dhaka, Mr. Sunil Sethi, President, FDCI and MD’s and CEOs of different fashion institutes and industry experts from NIFT, Pearl Fashion Academy, IIT Delhi, Walmart, Adidas, Body Shop and fashion columnist took part in the discussions.

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