Pact between eBay and Odisha Handicraft Corp

EBayAustralia and Canada has promoted American e-tailer ‘eBay’ to tie up with Odisha State Cooperative Handicraft Corporation (OSCHC) to ensure a steady supply of these handicrafts across the world.

“eBay India’s partnership with Odisha State Cooperative Handicraft Corporation is our first state-level association. We are exploring similar partnerships with other bodies to enable their members to leverage eBay’s global reach,” Mr. Navin Mistry, head of retail exports at eBay India, said.

“We were looking at retail exports of our handicrafts and eBay is expected to provide us with the right platform to reach out to global customers,” OSCHC’s marketing officer, Mr. MG Jena said.

Mr. Mistry said the corporation sells some of the most finely crafted stones and statues, which have an extensive demand regionally and globally. “Their Konark statues are exclusive to Odisha and are not available anywhere” he added.


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