Online Trading To Capitalise On GI Tag For Venkatagiri

Online Trading To Capitalise On GI Tag For Venkatagiri

Handloom weavers are planning to start online trading to boost sales of Venkatagiri saree having failed to improve marketing utilizing the prestigious Geographical Identification tag which was awarded in 2011-12. They are now using whatsapp and other applications for exchanging models and getting orders.

Only commercial websites which buy sarees from the traders are grabbing orders. Now the weavers/local traders are planning to introduce an exclusive weavers’ website for online activity shortly for boosting sales.

Venkatagiri saree, which is famous across Andhra Pradesh, got the GI tag in 2011, the first one in the district. Even, after seven years of achieving the prestigious tag there has been no significant improvement in the direct sales and only online trading sites were exploiting the opportunity after sourcing the sarees from the local traders.

The Kasipeta Handloom Weavers Cooperative Production and Sale Society of Venkatagiri applied for the GI tag in 2009 and achieved the status in 2011-12. The outstanding workmanship of the weavers has been recognized and the saree had become the 18th Indian saree to be awarded Geographical Indication from the registrar of Intellectual Property Rights.

Traders expected the tag to be advantageous since it confers legal protection in the country, prevents misuse, and also boosts exports to other countries. But, lack of awareness on the trading activity and support from the government wings, weavers of Venkatagiri Saree not only failed to capitalize on the tag but also failed to protect the state-of-the-art design that represents antiquity.

There are about 3,000 looms and the local workers weave around 50,000 sarees per month in Venkatagiri town. Traders purchase sarees from master weavers and mini-master weavers and store them for sale. Traders and consumers across the country visit Venkatagiri and purchase the sarees.

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