North Indian apparel workers deserting Tiruppur for Noida

North Indian Apparel Workers Deserting Tiruppur for Noida

The textile and apparel cluster of Tiruppur is facing a shortage of workers as many North Indian workers are deserting factories and going back to their own states.

“Workers in Tiruppur and mainly from Uttar Pradesh have returned to their state and trade bodies like the Tiruppur Exporters Association (TEA) are looking at ways to stop the exodus,” sources reported.

“Around 20 percent of workers working in Tiruppur apparel factories have left and if this trend continues then manufacturing could suffer,” TEA President KM Subramanian said.

Those workers heading for their state have now started working in Noida, which too is a clothing cluster and the Tiruppur exodus has turned into a boon for factories in the Noida cluster.

Uttar Pradesh’s law and order situation has also improved which has made it more attractive to workers.

“We are not feeling a shortage of labourers anymore,” Noida Apparel Export Cluster President Lalit Thrukal said.

“Nowadays, garment manufacturers from other states too are coming to Noida to set up apparel factories. So it will be easier for these workers to get jobs,” he added.

“Noida is also beneficial for migrant workers from Bihar and Odisha as they are neighbouring states and travel time to their homeland will be much less,” Thukral stated.