Nissan India launches Seat Belt Shirt as CSR initiative

Nissan India launches Seat Belt Shirt as CSR initiative

Nissan India announced the launch of Nissan SBS – Seat Belt Shirt as part of #HaveYouClickedToday public service and CSR initiative in India. The Nissan SBS has been co-created in partnership with ace fashion designer Kunal Rawal and is based on insights from India’s first survey ‘Rear Seat Belt Usage and Child Road Safety in India’ commissioned by Nissan India and SaveLIFE Foundation released earlier this year.

Over one-fifth of all Indians choose to not wear rear seat belts in their cars due to discomfort, the risk of creasing or ruining their clothes. Based on this insight and with an aim to raise awareness around the usage of rear seat belts in India, Nissan India has partnered with Bollywood’s ace fashion designer, Kunal Rawal, to co-create the Nissan Seat Belt Shirt.

Talking about this creative innovation, Thomas Kuehl, President, Nissan India Operations said, “Nissan’s Rear Seat Belt survey revealed that one out five Indians is willing to put their lives at risk to prevent clothes from creasing or discomfort. This clearly indicated an opportunity and an intervention to drive behavioural change for all drivers and passengers. Nissan SBS is an idea that we co-created with Kunal Rawal to spark conversations and a reminder to always opt for safety while addressing your fashion sensibilities!”

The Nissan Seat Belt Shirt is a wrinkle-resistant shirt that combines style and quality for men and women who seek to look impeccable without sacrificing on comfort and safety. Available in classic white, the Nissan SBS uses a soft, breathable and lightweight cotton-polyester blend, making it the ideal choice for hot summers, or under jackets for formal occasions. The shirt sports a mnemonic of a seat belt to ensure that people remember to buckle up when in the car.

Joining the initiative, designer and co-creator of Nissan SBS, Kunal Rawal added, “We designed the Nissan SBS as a simple yet powerful way of using the everyday shirt to remind us all to buckle up, even in the rear seat. After a lot of research that would solve the problem of seat belt induced discomfort or creasing, we found the perfect fabric and style. The classic white shirt has an enduring appeal, which makes the Nissan SBS the perfect accompaniment for men and women of all ages.”

Recently, Nissan India launched a #HaveYouClickedToday campaign which aims to raise awareness around the usage of rear seat belts in India. As a part of this campaign, Nissan India commissioned an 11-city survey in partnership with SaveLIFE Foundation to dive deeper into road safety trends in India and understand reasons why people don’t wear seatbelts. In addition, Nissan has also partnered with the School Health Annual Report Programme (SHARP) to kickstart a Pan-India school outreach program to educate children for early intervention and education on road safety. The program in its first phase will cover over 2 lakh children across 240 schools in 12 cities.

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