Nimish Shah’s knits for Bungalow 8 are your new all-weather wardrobe staples

Nimish ShahThe future of fashion is increasingly heading towards sustainability. Latest in the line of designers supporting slow fashion is designer Mr. Nimish Shah of SHIFT, who in collaboration with conceptual fashion store Bungalow 8, has curetted a capsule collection of knitwear.

“They are essentials, classics. They are handcrafted by villagers and have this timeless feel that makes them so relevant wherever you travel,” says Mr. Mathieu Gugumus Léguillon, head of fashion at Bungalow 8. All of the pieces are handmade by women in South India who are a part of a women’s group that manages these craftspeople at fair wages, offers training which enables them to enhance and carry on with their craft.

Oversized, lumpy and perfectly snuggle friendly, the collection ranges from variations in oatmeal to colour blocked standout pieces. “These sweaters are a true labour of love and fits beautifully into both our brands’ rationale of classic fashion. All season knits are perfect to comfort you everywhere, from cinemas, airplanes to outdoor soirees,” says Mr. Shah.

Mr. Shah’s post modern take on traditional craft not only draws attention to ethical means of production but most importantly, creates a wardrobe staple that customers will return to season after season.

“It’s nearly impossible to find knits that have a modern yet artisanal quality. Mr. Nimish blends both vocabularies with a rare ease and effortlessness. We started with a small collaboration last year and encouraged by its commercial success, requested him to broaden the range for this year,” says Ms. Maithili Ahluwalia, CEO and creative director, Bungalow 8.