Nikita Mhaisalkar Blends Artistry with AI in 'Theodora' Collection

Nikita Mhaisalkar Blends Artistry with AI in ‘Theodora’ Collection

Womenswear designer Nikita Mhaisalkar has utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to design her latest collection, ‘Theodora’.

Conceived by blending Mhaisalkar’s creative vision with AI experimentation, the line aims to unlock new possibilities for the label.

“Theodora is our ultimate muse: the fierce and dynamic empress was indeed fashion’s very first influencer. Employing AI to celebrate my vision for Theodora was an experience,” Nikita Mhaisalkar said.

The season-fluid collection draws inspiration from the Byzantine era and combines traditional Indian silhouettes with global shapes.

“The AI version of the collection provided me with valuable insights into how Theodora’s prints and embroidery would develop,” she added.

“The AI vision of my work helped me think beyond the ordinary. It’s an imaginative, unreal world, and I had fun exploring it,” Mhaisalkar stated.

The collection showcases Byzantine mosaic patterns reimagined by AI and transformed into prints.

Featuring bodysuits, tailored suits, glittering bandeau tops, frilly skirts, and resort-style maxi dresses with embellished details, Theodora is now available on Nikita Mhaisalkar’s direct-to-customer ecommerce store, which ships pan-India and internationally.