New Paradigm To PPP Model For India

National WorkshopThe centre is adding a new paradigm to the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, by involving all stakeholders in key decision-making processes, Prime Minster, Mr. Narendra Modi said at a workshop on the Make-in-India programme in New Delhi.

The workshop had not only discussed the concerns of various stakeholders, but also taken steps to find ways to collectively address them, Mr. Modi said addressing participants at the concluding session of the workshop.PPP Model

He said that the government had hitherto operated in secrecy, but this workshop was an example of openness, and working together to achieve desired goals. This was an example of his vision of “Minimum Government. Maximum Governance” and the decisions taken at this workshop, would have taken years in normal course, Mr. Modi said.

The Prime Minister said he wished to change the ‘ABCD’ culture of government, which stands for ‘Avoid. Bypass. Confuse. Delay’ and change it to the success meaning, ‘Responsibility. Ownership. Accountability. Discipline’ (ROAD).

Recalling the ‘Make in India’ launch in September, he said that in the last three months the government machinery has geared up, and is now ready to change rules and laws, and speed up processes. Human resource development, innovation and research should become part of the government’s DNA and that these should be aligned to the nation`s overall goals in various sectors, Mr. Modi pointed out.

Growth should be balanced across India, and special efforts should be made to ensure that the east, which is rich in natural resources, should be as developed as the western part of the country, he added.

The Prime Minister called for making a globally recognized ‘Brand India’ famous for ‘Zero Defect – Zero Effect’, which stands for manufacturing being free from defects and does not create adverse impact on the environment.

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