The New Face of Organic Bedding in India

The New Face of Organic Bedding in India

TEXAURA, a 100 per cent organic luxurious and sustainable cotton bedding range derived from two words- ‘Tex’ from Textiles and ‘Aura’, the combination of which is ‘Texaura’. The aura is the richness, comfort, durability and feel of the fabric which plays a crucial role in the making of a linen or bedsheet.

Using technology, Texaura shall reach out to the global consumers in 200 countries including India with free shipping for its complete range of products. Texaura, shall be the first organic textile brand from India targeting the global consumers with B2C model.

With an estimated market size of 15.76 billion US dollar in 2015 which is steadfastly growing at 16 per cent per annum, the organic textile market is poised for growth predominantly in regions like USA, Europe and Oceania. The people behind Texaura have been relentlessly working on promoting the organic cotton from India as it is the only country producing 66.6 per cent of the total cotton grown in the world.

Texaura in true essence is a ‘Make in India’ campaign which is working towards giving a facelift to organic lifestyle with its bedding range, globally. Its exquisite bedding range is symbolic of grace and harmony with nature which excludes the use of any chemicals, toxic dyes in the manufacture of its product line.

“Consumers are increasingly choosing organics products in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and are willing to pay more for products with quality assurance standards supporting the environment and social welfare. Texaura is here to give a face to organic textiles from India,” it’s manufacturer said.

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