MUJI Opens New Store at Bengaluru

MUJI Opens New Store at Bengaluru

The Japanese cult retail brand, MUJI, short for the Japanese phrase ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’ means ‘no-brand, quality goods’, has opened its new store at VR Bengaluru.

MUJI is known for its minimalistic design and simple functionality. The opening of the MUJI store is in line with the launch of many unique brands and stores over the past months offering new formats and services.

“VR Bengaluru is a curator of unique experiences and we strive to bring the best of modern design and conveniences to our customers,” Rajiv Raichand, director of Virtuous Retail said.

“MUJI is a renowned producer of stylish, functional and affordable quality goods that are relevant to all aspects of urban living, whether at work, at rest or at play. And that makes them a perfect fit for the shoppers at our Centre, the co-working community at The Hive and the guests at our boutique hotel & residences at The Waverly,” he added.

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