MSKVIB launches MahaKhadi Yatra to attract Youngsters

MSKVIB launches MahaKhadi Yatra to attract Youngsters

To revive the rural and village industries, Khadi has been renamed as ‘MahaKhadi’ by the Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board (MSKVIB) to make the specific handloom industry a peoples’ movement once again and inspire the sector through new marketing tactics. The board recently launched a ‘MahaKhadi Yatra’ (March) from Mumbai to take khadi to the high street fashion scene.

MSKVIB deputy CEO Bipin Jagtap said, “Rebranding seemed to be the perfect solution to attract youngsters and take khadi products to the international market.”

MSKVIB has 120 sectors under the Gramodyog with around 7 lakh entrepreneurs. The sale of khadi products from its 23 manufacturing units in Maharashtra was worth Rs 1043.84 lakh in 2015-16 and Rs 1097.71 lakh in 2016-17.

The MahaKhadi Yatra will showcase a wide variety of products manufactured by rural entrepreneurs. The first MahaKhadi outlet will open in Pune.

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