More Profit By ‘Killer’ Jeans

More Profit By 'Killer' JeansPopular Jeans Brand “Killer” recorded its sales at Rs. 400 Crore, surpassing those of Levi’s, Benetton and Tommy Hilfiger put together.

“We have tried to keep our products affordable, while at the same time tried to innovate and adapt to the changing needs”, Kewalchand Jain, who along with his three brothers Hemant, Dilip and Vikas set up their first denim brand ‘Killer’ in 1989 said. “Most of the international brands are urban-centric and have premium pricing while small markets are highly unorganized. We are trying to fill this void with our products” Jain said. The textile maker has since added brands such as Lawman, Easies and Integriti.

The newer brands not only cater to different age groups, but also bring economies of scale the company sold nearly 23 lakh pair of jeans last fiscal, making it the market leader by volume.

The company also controls almost every bit of operations from design to a large chunk of manufacturing from three designing and manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Gujarat.

This in turn has helped the company price its wares almost 30% cheaper than most rivals.

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