Mohey unveils new bridalwear line in #DulhanWaliFeeling campaign

Mohey unveils new bridalwear line in #DulhanWaliFeeling campaign

It is said that a woman shines brightest at her wedding. Mohey has recreated the opulence and glamour with Bollywood actor Kiara Advani as their brand ambassador in their #DulhanWaliFeeling campaign.

The new Mohey bridal collection is designed to define women’s wedding wear and each lehenga is hand-picked for its design, while spinning a yarn of ethereal grace.

Mohey blends trends with traditions, with a particular focus on the fabric, hues and embellishments with attention to little details, all of which ensure to set the bride apart.

Kiara looks beautiful and radiant in a pink embroidered lehenga. This outfit represents a modern and contemporary bride, making Kiara feel confident and stunning. 

Kiara shares a radiant and confident image of an Indian bride in a gorgeous lehenga from Mohey’s most recent bridal collection.

The pink embroidered lehenga showcases timeless beauty with its intricate designs and attention to detail, including the delicate dupatta and stunning allure of the pallo. 

The beauty of the modern Indian lehenga can be compared to the radiant sun and moon, illustrating how the attire empowers the bride to feel like the center of attention.

Mohey offers a distinct enclosure to showcase the intricately detailed lehenga collections crafted with the latest hues and styles.

 “I am thrilled to unveil yet another exciting campaign with Mohey, the latest collection by the brand is truly a paradise for all brides to be,” Kiara Advani said on her association with the brand.

“While donning the exquisite creations of Mohey, I feel a timeless connection to the artistry of love and celebration,” Advani added. 

“Each silhouette tells a unique story, and I am honoured to be part of the enchanting journey that every bride embarks on,” the actor observed.