MNRE to Promote Solar Powered Spinning Yarn Charkhas

MNRE to Promote Solar Powered Spinning Yarn Charkhas

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in India is considering promoting solar powered spinning yarn charkhas under off grid and decentralised solar programme. For this initiative, manufacturers and developers of solar powered charkhas have been requested to send their comments on the technical specifications, accompanied with designs by the ministry.

This was informed by a media agency, which quoted an official of the MNRE ministry, who added that it is possible, to eliminate the hard work involved in the manual operation of charkha, while also increasing the wage earning capacity.

Solar charkha kit attachment has been developed to operate the existing 8-10 spindle charkhas which are normally used for manual operation in practice. A motorised mechanism ensures an even power supply, which in turn ensures a better quality of yarn.

“Use of solar energy can usher in a new era for spinning charkhas and also for persons involved in the trade, particularly for those living in the rural areas, since charkhas are being mainly operated in rural areas,” the MNRE official said.

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