Men’s Online Street Fashion Brand Powerlook Plans To Set Up 50 Stores

Men’s Online Street Fashion Brand Powerlook Plans To Set Up 50 Stores

Men’s online street fashion brand Powerlook has opened the first of two stores in Mumbai and also has plans to establish 50 outlets across India by 2027.

“According to Statista, the Indian menswear market is witnessing significant growth, with a projected value of Rs 330,000 crores by 2028,” the brand said in a press release.

Powerlook aims to capitalise on this trend, particularly among the younger demographic, by offering cutting-edge fashion solutions.

“While e-commerce remains crucial, we recognise the importance of physical stores in enhancing the overall shopping experience,” Raghav Pawar, Co-founder of Powerlook Apparels said.

“With these launches, we are not only expanding geographically but also enriching the shopping experience for our patrons,” Pawar added.

The brand will also expand its product range by adding shoes, accessories, and new international clothing styles.

“We offer more than 700 SKUs, each one unique, reflecting our dedication to meeting our customers’ demands,” Amar Pawar, Co-founder & Chief Fashion Designer said.

“With plans to introduce shoes, accessories, and new styles of jeans and shirts, we are evolving to offer a diverse and comprehensive fashion collection,” Amar Pawar too added.

“The company aims for exponential growth, building on its current revenue close to 100 crore in FY 2023-24,” Heena Pawar, Business Head of Powerlook stated.

“In the future, we are focused on adopting a 360-degree marketing approach by showcasing our products on our platform and all available marketplaces,” Heena Pawar informed.

Powerlook’s vision is to be an affordable platform where innovation seamlessly intertwines with individuality, empowering everyone to unleash their inner style icon and make a lasting impact.

With its aggressive expansion plans and commitment to quality and innovation, Powerlook is poised to redefine men’s street fashion in India.



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