Mauritius Invites Indian Investment In Textile Sector

Mauritius Invites Indian Investment In Textile Sector

Mauritius has invited investment from Indian corporate in the country’s textile sector while identifying high-end garments for increasing its exports to India.

Mauritius offers great opportunity to Indian business houses to make investment in different sectors, including textile manufacturing, Seewraj Nundlall, country head of board of investment, Mauritius, told newsmen in Chandigarh recently.

The Mauritius government provides hassle-free environment for companies to start their own business, Nundlall said.

“Any investor can incorporate its company within a day and one can get occupational permit within 5 to 7 working days. And there is no minimum capital requirement and there is 15 per cent corporate tax,” he said. Indian companies can also consider Mauritius as an investment destination for access to African countries.

Last year, Mauritius exports to India were valued at 20 billion US dollar while its imports were 2 billion US dollar. To further increase its exports to India, Mauritius has identified several items, which includes high-end garments.

India Mauritius Global Partnership Conference is scheduled to be held in Mauritius from July 24, which will be attended by 250 to 300 businessmen from India, Pritpal Singh Pannu, president of India Mauritius Trade and Cultural Friendship Forum, said.

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