Marzoli to Present Latest Innovations at India ITME '16

Marzoli to Present Latest Innovations at India ITME ’16

Italy-based a leading supplier of textile machinery for short-staple fibre processing, Marzoli along with its subsidiary in India will display FT6DE roving frame, MTR transport system and Marzoli software platforms (YarNet and MRM) at the upcoming India ITME 2016.

The roving frame FT6E with 110mm gauge and FT7E with 130mm gauge, can respectively reach 224 and 168 spindles, allowing to reduce investment and operational costs while boosting productivity per machine. The drives for the drafting system, flyers, spindles and bobbin rail are independent and coordinated by the central CPU, which simplifies the machine, guaranteeing perfect coordination, reducing the number of components, lowering friction, vibrations and mechanical wear.

Marzoli also launched the ultimate technology for compact yarn production, Mac3000. The positive effects of compact systems have fostered spinners to use them for the production of an increasing variety of yarn, benefitting from higher output quality and process efficiency.

The company will also display MTR – bobbin transport system, which is equipped with a stainless-steel rail with V shape to prevent dirt accumulation within the rail, an aluminium chain with low load, frame supports with adjustable brackets with screws that allow to easily adjust the height of the rail and correct any misalignment, and IBC, a bobbin stripper integrated on the exchanger.

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