Manish Arora's Debut Solo Exhibition 'Life is Beautiful' Takes Atlanta by Storm

Manish Arora’s Debut Solo Exhibition Takes Atlanta by Storm

Indian fashion designer Manish Arora is holding his first-ever solo exhibition titled ‘Life is Beautiful’ in the US at Scad Fash in Atlanta, Georgia.

The exhibition, which opened to the public on March 27, chronicles his colorful journey in fashion with looks from his vibrant collections over the years.

Scad Fash’s creative director, Rafael Gomes, has curated a selection of the eponymous designer’s most notable creations.

The exhibition is displaying attire from Arora’s archives as well as pieces loaned by his patrons and showcases the vibrancy of Arora’s designs in his signature kaleidoscopic world of fashion.

These include Manish Arora’s ‘Indian Scottish Kilt’ from his S/S 2008 collection and his ‘Incredible India’ look from S/S 2006.

The display draws on a variety of ethnic Indian crafts from Benarasi to zardozi, different forms of embroidery to mirror work as well as traditional Indian motifs such as the lotus.

The exhibition is divided into different sections based on the themes of the collections showcased, tied together with the thread of Arora’s favorite emotions like happiness, joy, and celebration.

“This exhibition is of my work from the late 1990s to now. We chose pieces that mattered in my journey learning design,” the veteran fashion designer Vogue India.

“I like to do new things and I always think that when you do something that you don’t know very well, that is when it looks the most original,” Arora added.