Maharashtra To Set Up Organic Cotton Textile Park

Maharashtra To Set Up Organic Cotton Textile ParkTo promote organic cotton cultivation in the country, the Maharashtra government is setting up a specialty textile park, first of its kind, in the state.

State’s textile minister, Chandrakant Patil, said, “Maharashtra government is committed to promoting eco-friendly textile products. We will set up special textile parks for the creation of eco-friendly textiles and the government will lend special support for establishing such industries.”

Increasing use of Bt cotton has reduced cultivation of organic cotton, which is considered eco-friendly. According to reports, cultivation of Bt cotton has covered over 95 per cent of overall acreage in India and Maharashtra is no exception.

The minister also appealed to fashion designing students to conduct more and more research with a view to implementing such eco-friendly initiatives to promote use of ‘recycle, reuse and reduce’ of products.

However, garment manufacturers using organic cotton as raw material will be allowed to set up a manufacturing facility in this park.

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