Lindex Awarded Evelin Kago for Best Design Idea

Lindex Awarded Evelin Kago for Best Design Idea

velin Kago is the winner of Lindex Award for Best Design Idea which will be celebrated with the launch of the Tomorrow collection, in collaboration with Swedish Schools of Textiles to support unestablished designers, Lindex announced. The collection is visually lively and baggy with a delicate balance between solid and transparent surfaces.

The look of the new range is experimental, artistic and colourful, consisting of five unique pieces that can be mixed together or worn alone. The purpose of the initiative is to support new designers, and the selected winner gets a scholarship and an opportunity to create a unique collection together with Lindex.

Kago said, “It feels fantastic to win Lindex Award for best design idea. A key focus of the collection is the relationship between knitted and printed textile layers in garments, as well as the exploration of how colours influence each other. The collaboration with Lindex gives me the opportunity to work with my designs on a larger scale and to introduce my work to a far wider audience.”

The Tomorrow Collection concept comes from Lindex’s sponsorship of the Swedish School of Textiles, a university for training and research in textile and design. Lindex supports the education with knowledge of the design process and professionalism from a retail perspective, and is also the main sponsor of their graduation Fashion Show.

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