Levi’s Opens World’s Largest Mall Store In New Delhi: Denim Wear Brand

Levi’s Opens World’s Largest Mall Store In New Delhi: Denim Wear Brand

Denim wear brand Levi’s has launched the world’s largest Levi’s mall store at the Pacific Mall Tagore Garden in New Delhi and which has a massive floor space of 9,000 sq. feet.

“Super thrilled and elated to announce the launch of Levi’s Icon store at Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi,” Abhinav Agarwal, Head of Business Development at Levi Strauss & Co said on LinkedIn.

“Spanning over 9,000 square feet, this store will bring the most elevated consumer experience, widest range of merchandise and service quality to the consumers of Delhi/NCR,” he added.

“This is a big bold step towards creating flagship stores that our consumers would love to shop at,” Fashion Network quoted Agarwal as saying on Linkedin.

According to Agarwal, the new store is Levi’s largest sized store in India as well as its fifth largest store in the entire world.

Inside the store, shoppers can browse a wide array of denim jeans, clothing and accessories for men and women and there is also a ‘The Levi’s Tailor Shop’ segment complete with a seating area.

“The madness can’t be kept stored for too long as Levi’s has opened its world’s biggest mall store ever at none other than your favourite Pacific Mall Tagore Garden,” the mall too said on Facebook.

“This is to the upcoming shopping spree in the world of denims, with more and better options around, cheers!,” the mall informed.

Levi Strauss is an American clothing company and was founded in 1853 when German-Jewish immigrant Levi Strauss moved from Germany to the US.

The garment retailer also owns Dockers and Denizen brands and its clothing and accessories are available in 110 countries around the world.