Lankan Expertise On Production Management

Lankan Expertise On Production Management

The NIFT-TEA Knitwear Institute, promoted by Tirupur garment exporters, and Sri Lanka Institute of Textile and Apparel signed a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Colombo on Friday for utilizing the Lankan expertise on production management. The MoU will automatically get implemented once the Lankan Government gives the formal approval.

This tie-up is very important as the Lankan institute has been famous for producing some of the best technical experts in production technology and management in the textile industry across the globe.

NIFT-TEA Institute’s chairman for skill development division T. R. Vijayakumar said that as per the agreement, NIFT-TEA Institute would hold one diploma course and four certificate courses with experts deputed by the Sri Lankan institute taking classes. The courses would be on topics connected to production, management and merchandising.

At present, large number of units in the Tirupur knitwear cluster have been struggling to minimize the cost of production as well as adapt to technologies when machines used in the apparel production get updated.

The youngsters, trained under the courses, could be utilized by the units in Tirupur knitwear cluster in key posts for ensuring cost effective apparel production.