Koramangala Retail Expects a Better Winter Business

Koramangala retailKoramangala-based clothesline retailers are expecting their winter business to grow by around 50-60 per cent. This expectation is based on the innovative winter collection that varies from kids to generation-X target audience.

Joseph Muthaiyan, CEO, Blumerq said, “This winter season, orange becomes the new black. The upcoming season will have a festive joy in the air. It will have a strong and cheery colour unlike the winters before with dark toned colours. This festive season is about having fun, layering your different items and adding colour. We are all set to achieve approximately 60 per cent of our annual turnover.”

On ideas that can help fetch additional footfall in the upcoming winter, Lubeina Shahpurwala, Codirector, Mustang Enterprises, a clothesline brand said, “This season we will also be coming out with an exclusive line of briefs, vests and camisoles for kids. Apart from that, we are launching Disney inspired Marvel Avengers kids socks range. We also have some more things lined up for the season,” he said.

“The fashion industry has changed rapidly towards socks as a fashion statement. In cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi, consumers are more conscious about their dressing, and perfect pair of socks has solidified their place as a must-have in a stylish wardrobe, a company spokeperson said.

“We have observed that Tier-1 consumers have constantly been evolving in terms of their buying behaviour, they are loyal to products which are consistent on quality, service and innovation. Today even men are catching the suit and are no less than women when it comes to exploring and making their style statements,” she said.

Narinder Singh, MD, Numero Uno Clothing said, “Due to changes in climate there is surely a shift in consumer demands and being a responsive apparel brand we do adapt to these changes. For instance in the North, the winter months are shrinking as winter does not last for more than two months, so there is more and more demand for pre-winter, lighter weight garments which could be used for a longer period of time.”


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