Kolkata Fairs end today with a note of Brisk Business

Kolkata Fairs end today with a note of Brisk Business

Brisk Business transactions have been recorded and several deals  are on the making in the two major Garment Fairs ended in Kolkata today.

Organised by West Bengal Garment Manufacturers & Dealers Association, 44th Garment Buyers & Sellers meet was held at Hotel Peerless Inn. Eastern India Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Federation hosted 24th EIGMEF Garment Fair at Hotel Hindustan International (HHI).

Turnout at the fairs was significantly good particularly on the last two days at the three-day events. Altogether 200 brands participated at the fair in Hotel Peerless Inn, about 100 stalls were set up at HHI. Several Popular National brands and host of local manufacturers participated in both the fairs.

Manufacturers expressed happiness over the arrangements made by the organisers and the response of the buyers to these yearly events even as fear of possible impact of the GST on the business gripped them until the new tax regime is fully settled. Buyers are also apprehensive of the increased in cost of the garments worth over Rs. 1,000 as it is not yet cleared to them on this. Some of the manufacturers in the fairs advocated for organising special session by the government for the clarification of several points still remain in confusion in the new tax system. Some, however, welcomed to the government’s efforts to avoid the existence tax on tax system.

Some upcoming brands appreciated the organisers for holding  such events every year to provide them a national platform to enhance their business.

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