Kluber Lubrication Unveils New Solution for Textile Industry

Kluber Lubrication Unveils New Solution for Textile Industry

Manufacturer of speciality lubricants, Klüber Lubrication India Pvt Ltd brings in high-end tribological solutions by supplying tailor made speciality lubricants and services for textile industry.

“Klüber Lubrication is more than just a manufacturer of speciality lubricants,” Christian Forster, market manager textile industry of Klüber Lubrication said.

In the textile industry, the lubrication requirements vary from machine to machine and from production step to production step. The loads, speeds and vibrations to which bearings, chains and gear wheels are exposed can be very high. In many cases, machine manufacturers specify different lubricants to be used for the individual friction points. This results in a huge logistical effort for the production sites around the world and entails the risk of errors in case lubricants are mixed up.

The company as a development partner to the textile industry, share their long-standing experience with the manufacturers of textile machines and finishing equipment, knowing that the lubricant is a vital design element in machine design. Therefore, many renowned manufactures use their high-performance lubricants for the first fill of their machines.

Kluber Lubrication has launched Klüber Efficiency Support service to help protect valuable resources such as energy and water, thus helping to reduce operating costs in textile industry.

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