Killer transforms into edgy fashion brand through A/W 2024 line

Killer Transforms Into Edgy Fashion Brand Through A/W 2024 line

Kewal Kiran Clothing presented its flagship brand Killer to its retailers from across India at an exclusive trade show and exhibited its transformation from a denim wear focused brand to an edgy fashion brand.

This transition was portrayed by showcasing the upcoming Autumn Winter 2024 collection of over 1,000 products, of which almost 75 percent were top-wear products and 20 percent bottom-wear products.

The Autumn Winter 2024 Killer collection titled ‘Optimism’ will be made available across urban, tier 1, and tier 2 markets in 350 EBO’s, more than 1,800 MBO’s and 800 departmental stores.

“Fashion enthusiasts, particularly those inclined towards self-expression, can expect a range of men’s designs embodying edgy and fashion forward looks,” Kewal Kiran said in a press release.

Embracing the notion that innovation often arises from deconstruction, the brand symbolised this concept through a facade installation of denim art.

This artwork served as a metaphor for breaking down conventional boundaries to create something entirely new and innovative.

Behind each meticulously crafted piece lies Killer’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, evident in the selection of premium fabrics and the infusion of cutting-edge design elements.

“In recent years, we have emerged as a robust organisation to take full advantage of the growth of the fashion market in India,” Hemant Jain, Joint MD at Kewal Kiran Clothing said.

“The overwhelming response to our event today, is a moment of pride and satisfaction for me as the brand continues to enjoy as well as further gain its popularity among the Indian youth,” Jain added.

“All our diverse customer touch points will reflect the new avatar of Killer, offering an enhanced brand experience while making it convenient for the consumers to obtain entire fashion looks,” he stated.



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