Khadi Sales Doubled After PM Appeal

KhadiKhadi sales have jumped after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call last October advocating the need for use of such products, micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) minister Kalraj Mishra has said at the inauguration of an exclusive exhibition-cum-sale of products from Jammu and Kashmir and Khadi T Shirts.

“Khadi sales have doubled after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal and People have been drawn towards such fabric. We want the supply to match the rising demand. We are looking for ways to increase Khadi production,” he said.

An analysis of the data revealed that during the April-June quarter, retail sales of readymade Khadi rose 50.68 per cent as against the same period last year. Similarly, woolen khadi sales rose 68.10 per cent, silk khadi sales increased by 33.75 per cent, polyvastra khadi sales rose 59.51 per cent, while handicraft sales rose 3.03 per cent.

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