Kazo Womenswear Organizes Floral Fashion Show In Indore

Kazo Womenswear Organizes Floral Fashion Show In Indore

Womenswear brand Kazo held a fashion show in Indore to unveil its ‘Flower Power’ campaign.

Models walked through one of the city malls carrying oversized bags of flowers to launch the brand’s latest western wear collection.

The collection is inspired by the modern woman and uses floral prints for floaty dresses, matching sets, and smart casual wear.

The brand has debuted the ‘Flower Power’ campaign also in Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, and Kolkata to engage with new customers and raise brand awareness.

“The ‘Flower Power Campaign’ by Kazo is a heartfelt celebration of modern women- those who embrace their unique spirit and blaze their own trails,” Kazo Creative Director Divya Aggarwal said.

“Through our on-ground activations, we aim to offer moments of joy and tokens of appreciation that make every woman feel valued and empowered,” she added in a press release.

“We have already received accolades for our innovation and are expanding nationwide. This initiative is about celebrating the multifaceted woman and ensuring that she feels valued,” Aggarwal stated.

The label was launched by Deepak Aggarwal in July 2007 with the aim of redefining fast fashion.

Kazo caters to diverse consumer demographics and aims to offer affordable fashion which blends current trends and sophistication.

According to the Kazo website, the brand is a home for latest chic contemporary fashion which represents a mindset and an attitude; not an age.

Kazo constantly pushes the envelope to bring the best and latest of fashion from around the globe and is designed for the modern Indian woman who is confident, glamorous and sensual.