Karl Mayer to boost Indian Textile Knitting Industry

Karl Mayer to boost Indian Textile Knitting Industry

Karl Mayer, knitting machinery maker in Germany has recently hosted two Tricot Circle events in Daman and Amritsar (India). The company presented its eco-friendly concept for the first time in the country as TERRY.ECO.

It is highly efficient concept for warp knitting and it can help to produce up to 1,800 kg terry fabrics by consuming roughly 87 per cent less energy per production of a fabric, the company said. India became one of the three most important markets for machines from the German company.

Mark Smith, Sales Manager, Karl Mayer said, “India has a population of around 1.3 billion and everyone needs clothes and we are trying to thrive on this developing economy and as a manufacturer, we think we are in an ideal position to deliver the best quality machines.”

Around 135 participants also showed interest in topics such as textile product innovations of the HKS series for the athleisure sector, to smartly designed, chic RSJ goods for sports and leisure and to the virtual showroom of KARL MAYER. The audience’s feedback and the talks during the breaks made the company representatives optimistic.

Hopefully, the German manufacturer contributes to the Indian textile industry in the wrap knitting sector by organising such events, where the textile specialists from the country deliberate on innovative ideas.

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