Jaipur Rugs’ Initiative Artisan Originals has been awarded

Jaipur Rugs, one of India’s largest manufacturers of hand-knotted rugs has been awarded the ‘Top Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Projects in India’. They have been felicitated for their sustainable initiative ‘Artisan Originals’ at the recent SKOCH Corporate Excellence Award.

The Weaver Design Project by Jaipur Rugs has done the initial experiments with the originality of rural craftspeople and nourish their creative potential which was not evaluated at a global stage.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary, the founder and CMD of Jaipur Rugs said, “We are honoured to have received the award which is a gratification for our commitment to ethical carpet making and continuous upliftment of our artisans.” Through the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, they are seeking to establish Jaipur Rugs as a consumer brand which will work towards the betterment of weavers and will be given credit for their work.

The SKOCH Awards is given to those who have had the transformational impact on the society by creating a majority of the employment opportunity and have been instrumental in improving the living standard of the people.

The company’s operations span across 20+ branches, 6 states and 600 villages in India with distribution to over 40 countries with its independent base of over 40,000 artisans. The Foundation has always focused on and reached out to remote village areas and creating bonds with the village communities, enabling them to start weaving not just rugs but also their own lives.

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