Jacqueline Fernandez New brand ambassador for Lee

Jacqueline Fernandez New brand ambassador for Lee

Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassador of the Bangalore-based VF Brand’s, ‘Lee’. The brand wanted someone who brings the vivaciousness and the spirit of adventure that Lee stands for.

For most denim wear brands in India, women’s jeans are an addendum. The women’s jeans category is much smaller than men’s jeans although it’s growing faster than men’s jeans. But there are still no companies that are completely dedicated to making them for women.

Fast fashion brands like Inditex’s Zara, Forever 21 and now H&M have stepped into the women’s jeans market. These brands have short life cycles and can put out new pairs of jeans for women faster and more frequently.

Lee has spent decades building a brand image of the strong American man, especially with the classic tagline The Jeans that built America. Its sister brand Wrangler has also marketed itself as a brand of jeans infused with the machismo of the American West. Lee has been in denims since 1889. The brand has to now reorient its image in the market to cater to women after years of focusing on selling the alpha male jeans.

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